Warning signs

Sometimes you need to to have a break.
I have been working hard at work, getting the house ready for the imminent birth of our first child, I have carried on training and racing.

I have also been falling off my bike.
Nothing serious, no bad injuries. A few scratches, scrapes and a cracked fingertip.
I should have read the signs.

I raced at the final Nutcracker MTB race on Saturday.
And I did 2 things that I haven’t done before this season.

Firstly I got a great start. I went off like a rocket and held it all the way up the first climb.
Then I crumbled.

The legs were so empty, not just the legs, everything.
I felt like somebody had pulled the plug out.
It was horrible. I was totally nailed and still had 2 hours of racing to do.

So I am going to have a holiday.

Take a few days off, get away from everything for a few days with Mrs J and Milo.

I can’t wait.