Jumpers for goal posts

At the start of this year I had 2 goals.
Well 2 goals in a cycling sense anyway.

They were simple:
Goal 1
Complete TransGermany

Goal 2
Continue to improve at the 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross.

Goal 1 was not only achieved but I managed to exceed my own expectations.
And once it was done everything sort of went flat for a bit.
It had been such a focus for so long that once it was over I sort of felt a little bit empty.

But not for long.
The Sunday after TransGermany I was back racing again.
This time at the NPS at Kirroughtree.
It wasn’t my best race ever.
I was cream crackered.
And managed to smash my nadgers on my bike.

Which brings me to how your goals can change.

Mrs J is now 24 weeks pregnant.
So there will be a new addition joining us.

So with my first offspring due 1 month after the 3 Peaks Cyclocross do I change my target of bettering last years time?


As a result of racing at Kirry I moved up to just outside the top 20 in the national rankings.
So as a back up target do I now aim to finish the season in the top 30, the top 25, the top 20?
I don’t know.

But I do know that there are going to be some more challenges, and changes of focus over the next few years.

All sensible advice and suggestions are welcomed.
Here is the boss giving me his advice and wisdom before Kirry.
Something along the lines of ‘try not to permanently damage your ability to pro-create’ or something like that anyway.

Oh and a song that I like, about goals.


2 thoughts on “Jumpers for goal posts

  1. Interesting Davey – there is more than one question here! I speak only as a man who has had his riding seriously curtailed by the responsibilities of parenthood. This is mildly to moderately frustrating, but the frustrations are more than made up for it when you little one rides their own bike, tells you that you’re “just weird” or asks you what a “boner” is.

    This doesn’t mean that you will be in the same boat as me – depends on your ultimate stamina to go and train whilst sleep deprived, on the 15 hour-a-day “go to work then come home and start again with baby” treadmill, where your competitive priorities lie, the homelife and riding expectations of Mrs J etc…

    Anyway – Question 1: go for your 3 Peaks CX goal. No matter what constraints you think you’ve got leading up to the birth, you really will have to reassess afterwards. Get your riding in now. I don’t mean to be patronising, but it really is impossible to “get” how much things will change overnight. Nobody could have adequately explained it to me beforehand.

    Question 2: as per question 1. Get your riding in now!

    I actually cannot wait to see how you both do – I’m waiting to be inspired by how you can ride competitively and be champion parents! If anyone can you two can! Anyway – curry invitation due out this week so we can go over in more detail man to man. Speak soon!

  2. All you need is the right coaching team. With the right planning all is not lost. There are three extra goals you need to concentrate on between now and October:
    1. Learn how to assemble a baby bottle so it leaks
    2. Learn how to put a nappy on that it fails to contain its contents. Elite here is the ‘exploding nappy’ when released from the baby grower, but cat 4 wet clothes, or cat 3 strange smells are just as good.
    3. Learn the wrong way to dress a baby. Nothing upsets mothers more than putting clothes on backwards – and its not so easy to know the right way by just looking at them – there’s buttons and frills all over the place!
    Once these are mastered – from November the tactic is to apply them as regularly as possible.
    It wont be long before you are told ‘just go out on your bike Davey, I’ll deal with this’

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