There’s no ‘I’ in team, but there is a ‘D’, a ‘W’ and a ‘C’

Until this year I hadn’t been in a team for a long time, a very long time.

Riding for DirtWheels Cycles for the last 6 months has been brilliant.

It is so easy to under-estimate the huge benefits of being part of a team.
In no particular order here are some of my thoughts.

• Turning up at races and seeing a host of new team-mates who soon become new friends.
• Cheering team-mates on and being cheered on when you are racing.
• Sharing car journeys to and from races.
• Lining up on a start line with team-mates.
• Having team-mates and Team Managers handing out water and food at races.
• Shared experiences, shared jokes, shared training rides.
• Lending, borrowing, sharing; advice, bikes, equipment and kit with team-mates
• The mickey-taking, the banter, the new nicknames. Yes, my wish for ‘Foot Out’ as a nickname is starting to stick, along with a handful of new nicknames.
• Being out on a ride and bumping into a team-mate.
• Plus the incentive of not wanting to let the team down.

In a nutshell, being part of this team is like having an extended family.
So, thanks Neil and thanks DirtWheels Cycles.
This team is really starting to become a part of me, to the extent that ‘DirtWheels green’ as I am sure Dulux would call it is starting to find it’s way into more and more of my wardrobe and equipment.


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