Nice beard

Russell: I saw Richard Madeley earlier today and he looked nice and ‘andsome. He sort of leaned out of his window and said, “Hey, you alright Russell?” And I went, “Alright, Richard? Where’s the beard?” Cos apparently he’d had a beard recently.
Matt: Do you know what? Do you know what that means as well? A gay man who has a wife, they call that his beard.
Russell: Oh my god he thinks that I think his marriage to Judy is a sham! Oh no! What have I said? I did, I looked over and went, “Where’s the beard?” And he went, “I’ve just got rid of it, it wasn’t working out!” OH NO! Watch the tabloids, watch the tabloids!”

I am no fan of Russell Brand, nor am I am fan of Russell Grant. And I don’t approve of sham wives or sham husbands either.

The above conersation on Radio 4 whilst not being Russell Brand’s most famous radio moment, the prescience of his ‘watch the tabloids’ comments aside, always made me wonder…….

Why aren’t there more beards in sport?

Since my face to tarmac interface a year or two ago I haven’t had a shave.
I keep my facial furniture tidy(ish) with beard trimmers.

And whilst there does seem to be a growing trend, if you’ll pardon the pun, for several cyclists to retain that unshaved, 2 day growth look, a la Mark Cavendish, there is still a shortage of real beards.
You know the sort of thing, a man’s beard, a grizzly adams, wildman, kind of beard.

So where are they?

Perhaps Russ Downing has the answer.

Oh and when I said I hadn’t shaved, of course I shave my legs, well it just wouldn’t be cricket otherwise.


The Krypton Factor

Last weekend was the North of England MTB championships at Aske, near Richmond.
Aske is perhaps best known for being the site of the Krypton Factor assault course.

The weather when I set off from home was warm, calm and sunny.
When Kate, Milo and I arrived at Aske it was cold and windy, very, very windy.

The race was dominated by Dirthweels Cycles riders with 4 of us in the Top 10 in Sport.

My teammate Dieter won the Elite category after a sprint finish with his nemesis this season, John Hopkinson.

And me?

I got my best result to date, 3rd in my category, my first ever podium.
The hard work is starting to pay off.

The water in Majorca……

So a week of training in wonderful Majorca with Geoff, Fern, Mrs J and a certain Mr Wiggins.
What can I say?
We rode lots, enjoyed the sun, caught a massive hail storm as we climbed Coll de Femenia, all improved our times up Sa Calobra, bumped into Wiggo.
Oh and that boy can climb. Geoff Beetham I mean, I wilfully hung with him as long as could and just as my lungs and legs felt like they were going to burst, and I felt the need to come down a gear i’d see him shift up to the big ring and pedal off into the distance.
After Majorca, we got home at 21:00, packed the kit for the Wiggle Enduro 6, finally got bed at midnight only to be up 05:00 the next morning and off to Catton Park.

The sunny Majorcan miles instantly started to pay off as my teammate and travelling companion Joey P, and I came a very creditable 14th out of over 100 in the Male Pairs.
And Geoff and Fern guesting for DirtWheels Cycles took 1st place in mixed pairs.
Add to that Nicky and Jane winning female pairs and DWC bringing a good fun party atmosphere to the event and it really felt like an extension of the holiday.