A Recession – 2 quarters of negative growth

Now I don’t pretend to understand what causes a recession.

And that’s what sets me apart from economists, bankers, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
They do pretend to know.
Thankfully that is not all that sets me apart from the very select group of people listed above.
Not that I have anything against economists. In fact some of my best friends don’t have anything against economists.

What I do know, is what it feels like when you get a puncture whilst riding your bike.
It feels bad.
It feels worse when you are racing your bike.
And it feels even worse when you are having one of those occasional ‘good days’ on the bike.
The rare kind of day when you feel like you can go faster, further and quicker than normal.

There is a French saying for one of those days when you have empty legs and can’t ride for love nor money.
They call it a ‘jour sans’. Literally a ‘day without’.
I don’t know if they have a saying for the opposite a ‘jour avec’ or perhaps just a ‘jour’.
Either way, on Sunday I was on a good day. I felt good, strong and quick.

And then….’….ppppppsssssssssssssttttttt’

The sound of air escaping from my back tyre.
That was part way through my second lap of four.

I managed to carry on riding, cringing as my rims banged and crashed against rocks.
I got a quick blast of air from a CO2 canister just before the end of lap 3 that just about saw me through to three quarters of the way through my last lap. When I finally succumbed and shouldered my bike and set off on foot.

I wasn’t alone in puncturing.
Several other Dirtwheels riders also punctured including Dieter who was looking good for the win in the Expert race.

Even with the puncture I was over the moon with my ride and with my result.

It was a brilliant event, with a great course. Great support, and a huge turn out from Dirtwheels, with riders in every race.
Highlights included:
Neil picking himself up after a crash to get 8th in the Male Vets and Nicky getting 4th in the Female Vets. Terry getting a top 10 in Grand Vets.
And 5 of us in the top 14 of Male Sport.

It was also a good event for our friends Ryan (1st Elite) and Emma (2nd Sport Women), Geoff (1st Masters) and Fern (1st Sport Women).

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