Welcome to Hoogerland

Any fan of cycling has seen the footage of Johnny Hoogerland being catapulted into a barbed wire fence, after a French TV car ‘clipped’ Juan Antonio ‘Norman Stanley’ Flecha in last years Tour De France.

I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t replayed the footage several times in my head before Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning I was fortunate enough to drive my new car at the first round of the Yorkshire Road Racing League.
The event was hosted by Dirtwheels and so myself and several teammates volunteered to help out by driving lead cars in the road race.

I was fortunate enough to be selected to drive the Chief Commissaire in the 3/4 race. This meant that my car was fitted with CB, P.A. system and speaker, and a box on the roof warning of a Bike Race.

Driving the Chief Commissaire put me in the prime position of driving at the head of the peloton and dropping back behind the inevitable breakaways.
I had perhaps the best view of the whole race, and thankfully there were no Hoogerland incidents.

So a huge thanks to all the brave folks who raced, to Neil and Nicky for organising an excellent event and to Ruari for joining me in ‘Race 2 Com 1’.

I was also visited this weekend by my good friend ‘The American’, A.K.A, Michael Faretta, who is actually from Surrey and now lives in Australia.
Hence the nickname….Obviously.

We made the most of the Australian style, sunny and hot weather and got some really good miles in on the MTB’s on trails that Michael hadn’t ridden in a couple of years.

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