Rolling with the punches

A typically eventful week.

‘The Quattro’ finally started really falling apart, so I needed a new motor.
Cue a smaller, ‘non Quattro’ Audi A4.
Until the garage called to say that the Valet had driven it into a wall amd scatched the paintwork, and it needed repairing, but it wouldn’t be ready in time to allow me take part in the National Cross Country MTB Series first round at Sherwood Pines, on Sunday.

Our central heating boiler stopped providing hot water this week as well.
This meant lots of post ride visits to the in-laws to use their shower.
Thank you Mezza and CG.
It took the plumber 5 visits with a new part required on each occasion to fix it.

On Saturday in the lovely sunshine, I visited Buck Woods Skills loop with BC Cycling Coach, Ian Thewlis of Bradford BMX Bandits and Leeds Mercury to learn how to roll.
Under Ian’s watchful eye I learned to use the terrain to give me free speed.
It sounds daft, but eventually I was riding the whole mini BMX track without using a single pedal stroke.
Getting quicker without pedalling? It has to be a good thing.
I wish I’d known how to do this before the Midlands MTB race at Hicks Lodge though.


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